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Beijing Green Xin sunshine Ltd.

Beijing Green Xin sunshine Ltd. belongs to the Beijing Zhongyikun Group (, an institution committed to the promotion and dissemination of Italian culture and art. Beijing Zhongyikun is recognized by the Italian government as CILS examination site (Test of Italian as a Foreign Language), and is the authorised application centre of several prestigious Italian universities. Every year, hundreds of Chinese students realise their dream of studying in Italy through Beijing Zhongyikun, it being one of the main promoters of Italian culture in China. In addition, Beijing Zhongyikun has also established an authorised office in Beijing for the Italian Sommelier Association ( Here, wine lovers and people fond of wine culture and art can join the wine training courses and receive a sommelier certificate at their completion. 

The Green Xin Sunshine sales team visits Italy on a regular basis, in order to gain further training and knowledge of Italian wines from experts and professionals of the Italian Sommelier Association. Our team members particularly love wine and understand the whole process of winemaking in Italy; they also see the cultural importance of every drop and the artistic life of every glass. With their passion and professional knowledge, they select the best wines to enter the Chinese Market – the original Italian wines - hoping to make the fast- paced urban lifestyle more relaxed. Whenever you have time, you can enjoy the mellow taste of the authentic Italian wine, picturing yourself along the bright Mediterranean coast, enjoying the fresh sea breeze, and a quiet, healthy, beautiful life. 

Beijing Green Xin Sunshine Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in Italian wine import, and focuses on the promotion and import of Italian wine into the Chinese market. With its passion and love for the good things in life, our team combines professional knowledge with art, bringing it into the Chinese territory. 

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